Most of the prefabs are intended for Unity Asset Store.

The goal is to produce flexible and lightweight prefabs.

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This work aims at producing low poly vehicle bodies.

A Car body usually costs a lot of polygons.

My concern is rather to capture the details in the normal map.

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Virtual mock-up for architecture projects.

The goal is not to build heavy rendering, but rather to make a flexible real time mock-up.

The scenery can be modified in a modular way.

Exterior light effect is home made.

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-Specialized in modelling and texturing

-Main field: environments, props and vehicules

-Software: 3D studio max; Photoshop; Zbrush; UDK; Crazy bump; Blender; Unity3D


-Looking for a 3D artist position

-Complete my Unity3D store.

-Available for freelance.


-2013: 3D artist SAN Sénart

-2010-2012: Art teacher national education

-2009-2011: 3D artist. Tharsis/Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

-2008: Character artist Cyanide studio, Paris


-2006-2008: ENJMIN master II, graphic design.

-1999-2006: Master II Université Paris 1 Sorbonne

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